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Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) is a consultancy company registered and based in London, with an office in Moscow.

Since its foundation in 1983, Commercial Space Technologies has been dedicated to providing the space industry with the highest quality of management and consultancy services, which help keep CST partners and customers at the leading edge of their field. Nowadays the company is engaged in numerous space-related fields of consultancy, developing a broad customer base both within and outside of the space industry. These activities include studies for various ministries, members of the insurance industry, space agencies (such as NASA, ESA, UKSA) and several private companies within the space industry.

Commercial Space Technologies Moscow Office – Launch Brokerage

CST’s native Moscow office team has developed its expertise in the marketing and brokerage of former Soviet launch vehicles (LVs) for over 30 years. In this time, CST has negotiated and procured launch vehicles for small satellite customers, having managed the interaction between launch provider and customer for 81 spacecraft. This has been achieved with the use of five different launch vehicles launched from three different launch sites, including the arrangement of the first Cosmos rocket launch to Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO), and the first commercial and SSO launch of the Dnepr rocket. Despite the retirement of certain former Soviet launch vehicles, CST continues to expand its offered inventory to include newly developed Russian launch vehicles, thus always maintaining its competitive and cost-effective edge.

Commercial Space Technologies – Trading Opportunities

With the contacts and experience that CST has gained in Europe, Russia and all over the world it is also able to offer unique trading opportunities, facilitating interactions on site with an international team. These techniques have also been applied by CST to manage satellite development projects, (such as Canopus) between Eastern and Western companies.

Commercial Space Technologies – Consultancy

CST uses its long experience and established contacts to offer the best expertise from the UK and Russia. This allows us to economically produce in-depth consultancy reports on a wide range of topics, from technical reviews and trajectory analysis to market surveys. The reports are added to our database, which has become a large repository of detailed information on space technology, markets, and more.