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Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. produces many consultancy reports per year, either commissioned by customers or for expanding or updating its database which comprises an asset of hundreds of reports covering every aspect of space business.

Using its long experience and extensive established contacts, Commercial Space Technologies (CST), draws the best expertise from the top Russian institutions in their fields. For very large projects (e.g. for commercial resource prospecting by remote sensing), consortia of institutions are assembled.

The CST consultancy reports cover topics across the entire international space field:

  • Technical
    Launchers and propulsion, spacecraft, subsystems and components, communication and remote sensing abilities, including small and nano
  • Strategic
    Programmes and policies, description and assessment
  • Organisational
    Detailed observations of large companies or industry sectors and their ability to do business
  • Commercial
    Risk assessment, certification, financial and insurance issues
  • Marketing
    All space products, launcher markets in particular