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Space activity naturally demands political as well as high technology skills and contacts. Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST), has been operating in this highly demanding field since 1983, often working within the rewarding but idiosyncratic Russian space industry. As a consequence of this, CST has begun to successfully and profitably trade high technology products to and from the Russian Federation and can offer these marketing and trading services to its customers.

Market research into hi-tech products can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers and the lack of transparency in significant companies. In undertaking research for customers, CST’s experienced Russian team can save both time and money whilst clarifying current conditions and receptiveness.

CST will analyze the internal Russian market, considering the pros and cons of entering the new territory, and present a market survey for a nominal sum. If the assessment is positive, CST can help with further representation. The price of reports is kept at or below cost in order to stimulate and encourage potential partners.