Space Industry Forum

March 2016

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CST participated in the International Business Space Industry Forum (ISF) and Exhibition. “InSpace” 3-4 March 2016, Moscow, Russia

Reinventing Space Conference

November 2015

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CST participated in the 13-th Reinventing Space Conference 2015. 9-13 November 2015, Oxford, UK

Small Satellite Conference 2015.

August 2015

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CST participated in the Small Satellite Conference 2015. Utah, USA

Soviet space conference

July 2015

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CST participated in the 35-th annual Soviet space conference, now widened in scope as the Soviet-Chinese Technical Forum, organised by British Iterplanetary Sciety (BIS). London, UK

UK Space conference 2015

July 2015

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CST participated in the UK Space conference 2015. Liverpool, UK

UKspace Council

July 2015

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CST participated in the UKspace Council and SME Forum Meeting. Harwell, UK

Seradata Space Conference

June 2015

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CST participated in the Seradata Space Conference. London, UK. Mr Alan Perera Webb presented “The Launch Players: a capacity and technology view” report

Symposium on Small Satellites

April 2012

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CST participated in the 10th IAA (International Academy of Astronautics) Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation (April 20 – 24, 2015). Berlin, Germany. Mr Alan Gubiev presented “Current situation in Russian space industry and Russian launch market” report

The Memorandum of Understanding

July 2010

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UK has concluded a historic agreement with Russia.The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the UK Space Agency and the Russian Federal Space Bureau was concluded at the Farnborough Airshow on July 21st. Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has had a long and successful collaboration with a variety of Russian organisations spanning 20 years, working with the UK and Moscow offices of Commercial Space Technologies (CST Ltd.) as a representative and local partner. CST Moscow Office has been actively involved in the preparation of this MOU