Covering technical conferences in Russia and China with in-country experts

June 2021

Dear friends and colleagues, we are excited to be launching a new service and tool from CST to cover technical conferences in Russia and China with CST’s in-country experts. This is a service that CST has supplied to its customers for over 20 years, but has never before publicised. With price hikes and disruption on international travel likely to persist for years following Covid-19, we felt it was time to offer this valuable time-saving service to the wider community.

We have now published our previously internal list of ongoing and future technical conferences and events and created an all-in-one easy-to-access tool on our website . This search tool can be used to find information about upcoming and past events. Our goal is to help industry specialists and companies more efficiently plan their international travel budgets and activity, as well as to help them understand more about what advancements and opportunities are available in Russia and China.

CST’s experience in covering technical conferences around the world for our customers, as well as for our own internal needs, has allowed us to economically produce in-depth consultancy reports on a wide range of topics, from technical reviews and trajectory analysis to market surveys. Our database now includes over 700 reports, which has become a repository of detailed information on space technology, markets, and more.

We are always open to discussion in order to personalise our service to meet your precise requirements.