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    Chinese Space Exploration Program

    The Chinese space exploration program is more than a demonstration of the national technical advancements, it is also a source of national pride uniting the society.

    The fast progress in space exploration achieved during the last 15 years, has helped make China one of the world’s leading players in the space field. Meanwhile, due to the national cultural differences, and preconceived external perceptions, there is a lack of information regarding the country’s true achievements in space. This report is designed to fill in the awareness gap. It is a concise reference to the major Chinese space exploration program features and achievements to date, as well as future plans, along with the authors’ assessments regarding their feasibility.

    (indicated in square brackets in the text)
    — China’s Launch Vehicle Fleet: Capabilities and Potentialities by Estimations of Russian Specialists, 2003.
    — A Further Continuation of the ‘Long March’ (The Current Development of the Chinese CZ-5 Launch Vehicle Family), 2014.