Commercial Space Technologies and Auxos Global Join Forces to Revolutionize Satellite Launch Procurement

April 2024

Strategic Partnership to Address Complexities in Satellite Launch Procurement

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST), a renowned launch broker specializing in bespoke launch solutions for satellites with unique requirements, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Auxos Global, specialists in satellite mission management and launch preparation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the launch services industry by combining CST’s extensive launch procurement expertise with Auxos Global’s engineering and management talent to unlock unprecedented access to launch in the Asia-Pacific region.

With over three decades of experience, CST has been at the forefront of assisting satellites with unique requirements or challenging procurement obstacles, such as needing short lead times or facing limited launch capacity, in securing customized launch solutions. Leveraging its deep understanding of the launch supply chain and proven tactics in launch procurement, CST has earned a reputation for delivering timely, cost-effective and tailored launch solutions to satellite operators worldwide.

Auxos Global brings to the table a wealth of experience in satellite mission management and launch preparation support, alongside established relationships with launch providers in key Asia-Pacific regions including India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Based in Singapore, Auxos Global also offers in-country support at short notice for launch campaigns, pre-launch tests and meetings in the region, enhancing the partnership’s ability to provide comprehensive support to satellite operators throughout the launch process.

“In today’s rapidly evolving satellite industry, securing timely and cost-effective launch solutions has become increasingly challenging,” said Alan Webb, Managing Director of Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. “Our partnership with Auxos Global represents a strategic alignment of expertise and resources aimed at demystifying the launch procurement process and ensuring that satellites can secure the most suitable launch options.”

Commenting on the partnership, Adhitya Rajasekaran, Founder of Auxos Global, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. to address the complexities and challenges associated with satellite launch procurement. By combining our engineering and management capabilities with CST’s expertise in launch procurement, we are well-positioned to challenge the status quo of rideshare launch and provide satellite operators with transparent, effective and turnkey launch solutions.”

Challenging the Status Quo of Rideshare Launch

Procuring launch services has become increasingly complex, with openly published launch prices often being incomplete or misleading. Additionally, there is a growing disparity between global launch demand and capacity, an overwhelming choice of ancillary services, and growing requirements and restrictions from launch providers and regulators. Furthermore, launch opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in leading launch nations like India, are often overlooked by outside actors due to cultural barriers or unclear entry points.

About Commercial Space Technologies:

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) is a leading launch broker specializing in bespoke launch solutions for satellites with unique launch requirements or procurement challenges. With over 30 years of experience, CST leverages its extensive launch supply chain knowledge and experience to deliver innovative launch solutions tailored to the needs of satellite operators worldwide.

About Auxos Global:

Auxos Global is a leading provider of engineering mission management, and launch preparation services, enjoying established relationships with launch providers in key regions including the Asia-Pacific. Based in Singapore, Auxos Global offers comprehensive support to satellite operators throughout the launch process, from pre-launch tests and meetings to in-country support during launch campaigns.