Commercial Space Technologies and Auxos Global Join Forces to Revolutionize Satellite Launch Procurement

April 2024

Strategic Partnership to Address Complexities in Satellite Launch Procurement

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST), a renowned launch broker specializing in bespoke launch solutions for satellites with unique requirements, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Auxos Global, specialists in satellite mission management and launch preparation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the launch services industry by combining CST’s extensive launch procurement expertise with Auxos Global’s engineering and management talent to unlock unprecedented access to launch in the Asia-Pacific region.

With over three decades of experience, CST has been at the forefront of assisting satellites with unique requirements or challenging procurement obstacles, such as needing short lead times or facing limited launch capacity, in securing customized launch solutions. Leveraging its deep understanding of the launch supply chain and proven tactics in launch procurement, CST has earned a reputation for delivering timely, cost-effective and tailored launch solutions to satellite operators worldwide.

Auxos Global brings to the table a wealth of experience in satellite mission management and launch preparation support, alongside established relationships with launch providers in key Asia-Pacific regions including India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Based in Singapore, Auxos Global also offers in-country support at short notice for launch campaigns, pre-launch tests and meetings in the region, enhancing the partnership’s ability to provide comprehensive support to satellite operators throughout the launch process.

“In today’s rapidly evolving satellite industry, securing timely and cost-effective launch solutions has become increasingly challenging,” said Alan Webb, Managing Director of Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. “Our partnership with Auxos Global represents a strategic alignment of expertise and resources aimed at demystifying the launch procurement process and ensuring that satellites can secure the most suitable launch options.”

Commenting on the partnership, Adhitya Rajasekaran, Founder of Auxos Global, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. to address the complexities and challenges associated with satellite launch procurement. By combining our engineering and management capabilities with CST’s expertise in launch procurement, we are well-positioned to challenge the status quo of rideshare launch and provide satellite operators with transparent, effective and turnkey launch solutions.”

Challenging the Status Quo of Rideshare Launch

Procuring launch services has become increasingly complex, with openly published launch prices often being incomplete or misleading. Additionally, there is a growing disparity between global launch demand and capacity, an overwhelming choice of ancillary services, and growing requirements and restrictions from launch providers and regulators. Furthermore, launch opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in leading launch nations like India, are often overlooked by outside actors due to cultural barriers or unclear entry points.

About Commercial Space Technologies:

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) is a leading launch broker specializing in bespoke launch solutions for satellites with unique launch requirements or procurement challenges. With over 30 years of experience, CST leverages its extensive launch supply chain knowledge and experience to deliver innovative launch solutions tailored to the needs of satellite operators worldwide.

About Auxos Global:

Auxos Global is a leading provider of engineering mission management, and launch preparation services, enjoying established relationships with launch providers in key regions including the Asia-Pacific. Based in Singapore, Auxos Global offers comprehensive support to satellite operators throughout the launch process, from pre-launch tests and meetings to in-country support during launch campaigns.

Magdrive Kick-Stage Feasibility Study: Elevating UK Launch Competitiveness

August 2023

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Study Completion
Commercial Space Technologies (CST) is proud to announce the successful completion of the “Magdrive propelled Kick-Stage Enabling Competitiveness for UK Launch” market feasibility study for Magdrive. This project marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to support innovative companies such as Magdrive by leveraging our expertise in market analysis, utilization of data science, and harnessing our wide network in the space industry. Our collaboration with Magdrive enabled us to conduct a comprehensive study that includes data analysis, interviews with industry experts and stakeholders, and a thorough examination of the competition environment.

Empowering Launch Demands
Through our research, we identified a growing demand for kick-stages to enhance the capabilities of domestic and foreign launch providers and meet a wide range of present and future small satellite requirements and use cases. We also discovered that Magdrive’s unique propulsion technology allows it to target numerous sub-sectors of the small satellite launch market simultaneously while effectively competing with providers focused on specific sub-sectors.

Market Insights
Our study identified five orbits and/or capabilities that a kick-stage propelled by Magdrive thrusters could potentially enable for vehicles launching vertically from the UK. Despite the fact that these markets are still in their infancy due to a lack of launch possibilities, they exhibit promising indicators of potential growth. The report’s conclusions demonstrate that a Kick-Stage propelled by Magdrive thrusters offers considerable potential in the UK launch business and has the potential to increase the attractiveness of UK launches to both domestic and international customers. In addition, we identified potential European competitors and studied successful kick-stage operators. Overall, our report provides Magdrive with valuable insights to explore new use cases of the Magdrive thruster. Furthermore, we would like to express our gratitude to Magdrive for the opportunity to contribute to their project and for considering us the experts to bring elucidation to this emerging market.

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Commercial Space Technologies and NPC Spacemind are Combining Forces to Offer Turnkey Launch Services to Every LEO Inclination on the Global Clockface

September 2022

Commercial Space Technologies (CST) and New Production Concept (NPC) Spacemind announce their new partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on 4th August 2022. Combining CST’s 30 years of launch brokerage experience with the mass- and cost-efficient deployment technologies of NPC Spacemind, both companies plan to offer more complete and tailored launch solutions to their customers.

The framework of this agreement will guide upcoming launch activities for the partnership, so stay tuned for further announcements.

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CST signs agreement with Australian launch provider Gilmour Space for the launch of 50kg to Low Earth Orbit

August 2022

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd (CST) has signed an agreement with Australian launch provider, Gilmour Space Technologies, to offer a launch capacity of up to 50 kilograms on their Eris Block 1 vehicle.

The combination of Gilmour Space’s orbital launch services and full CST oversight will offer an affordable launch solution to satellite customers needing access to custom low earth orbits. Depending on your requirements, the following services would be included:

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Supporting our Customers and Partners at This Year’s Farnborough International Airshow

August 2022

We were pleased to represent Spaceport 1 at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow and look forward to co-exhibiting with them at this year’s International Astronautical Congress in Paris.

CST also supported The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and the 11 participants in their 2022 Space Academy, alongside our partners Astro Agency, Red Kite Management Consulting and Connected Economics. We wish the 11 Australian Space SMEs of the Academy the best of luck with their business goals in the UK.


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SpaceTechExpo 2021

November 2021

Attending SpaceTechExpo? You can find CST on stand K11 in Hall 5

“Is your investment in new space smart money? – Due Diligence in Space

August 2021

Billions of dollars in investment are entering the space industry through a variety of means, into companies that are at various points of their start-up journey. The space industry is different to industries being primarily B2B and requiring large amounts of investment before revenue generation, with companies needing large capital investment in R&D for their initial product. There are huge opportunities unfolding within the space industry both within upstream (hardware and processes involved with putting things in space) and downstream (using data derived from space-based assets) markets, however, without knowledge in this sector it’s difficult to ensure that your investment is smart money. CST can provide independent advice to help you navigate this market:

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CST collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult, Red Kite and Connected Economics

June 2021

Our Commercial Space Technologies (CST) consultancy team have had a great first quarter, successfully completing 7 studies in parallel on a broad range of subjects. This year we have reviewed emerging technologies, assessed launch and satellite markets (both regional and international), forecast technology trends and recommended novel and value added services. We are pleased to have partnered with Red Kite Consulting and Connected Economics for two of these studies, and to have received such positive feedback from our customer, Satellite Applications Catapult.

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May 2021

We have been following the market opportunities and unique selling points of the emerging UK launch industry and look forward to discussing this and other topics with our fellow Access.Space Conference attendees!

? Alan Webb, a director of Commercial Space Technologies (London), giving a presentation to ACCESS Space Alliance

? The panel is 14:45 – 15:45 (UK time) on May 4th (aka. Star Wars Day).

? Free Registration

? Join us

SatMagazine: Prepare for Launch… A UK Space Sector Overview

January 2021

By Daria Filichkina, Head of Operations, AstroAgency, and Alan Webb, the Director of Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

We are happy to announce a new article in SatMagazine (January 2021 Edition). The article highlights the UK Space Agency’s mission of capturing 10% of the global space market and explores the exciting developments of UK space companies in 2020/21?

Available at:

C6 Launch

October 2020

Commercial Space Technologies (CST) will be partnering with C6 Launch, a Canadian-based space technology company from Toronto developing a dedicated small-sat launch capability to place payloads up to 30 kg in a nominal 600 km Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) or low-earth orbit (LEO). They designed a launch vehicle that maximizes the use of proven, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. (More info:

Equatorial Space Systems partners with UK-based Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

September 2020

Singapore, September 11th 2020.- Singapore’s own rocket company, Equatorial Space Systems (ESS) announces a new partnership with UK-based Commercial Space Technologies Ltd (CST) for launch services to CST’s clients using the company’s Volans small launcher, slated for its first flight in late 2022.

“With our first suborbital test flights right around the corner, it is high time for us to focus on commercialisation. Cooperation with well-established companies with a proven track record in launch campaign execution is of paramount importance for a startup in our business, and we are thrilled to win their vote of confidence,” says Simon Gwozdz, the founder and CEO of Equatorial Space.

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European Spaceport Review – Now Available!

July 2020

We are proud to announce the completion of the 3rd edition of our European Spaceport Review (information updated to the first quarter of 2020).

The report assesses proposals and developments from 8 European countries, scoring each spaceport on over 70 variables, including:

•Weather (e.g. feasible launch windows in the year)
•Geographical situation (e.g. attainable azimuths for vertical launch)
•Existing infrastructure
•Proposed plans Read More

European spaceports compete for recognition and business

April 2020

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Recent growth in the space transportation business, fuelled by interest and investment from private companies, has led to the development of a number of spaceports in the United States. But what about Europe? This article, based on a report by Commercial Space Technologies, discusses the options.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), nine private US companies currently hold 26 active commercial licenses granted by the US Office of Commercial Space Transportation. Their commercial space transportation activities are supported by 11 commercial domestic launch sites (also known as spaceports) and one overseas site in New Zealand.

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CST Mission to Singapore 2020

February 2020

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In February, the UK Space Agency and RAL Space organized a visit of the largest ever UK space sector trade delegation to the Asia Pacific region with over thirty UK delegates involved, including a delegate from CST.

Singapore itself has a relatively new but fast-growing space industry which is focused on emerging commercial opportunities and with a desire to grow capability in small satellite development. The main objective of the visit was to establish increasing collaboration in this market and creating partnerships in Singapore.

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6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum Held in Xiamen, Fujian

November 2019

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Commercial Space Technologies participated in the 6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. November 26, 2019.

Alexey Loktionov gave a presentation on ‘Future Prospects for the Small Satellite Market’.

On November 25th – 26th, the 6th Sino-Russian Engineering and Technology Forum co-sponsored by the China Science and Technology Association and the Russian Federation of Science and Engineering Associations was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

The theme of this forum was “Innovative Aerospace, Sharing the Future”. The organizers of the forum invited 14 academicians and experts from China, Russia and other countries to give lectures to more than 400 participants. [Read more]

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6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum. Xiamen, Fujian


July 2019

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DoT-1 became the 82nd satellite for which Commercial Space Technologies (CST) has successfully arranged and managed the launch. The DoT-1 microsatellite was designed by Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited (SSTL) to test new avionics components for future satellites.

On July 5th 2019 at 08:41 Moscow time (05:41 UTC) the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle with Fregat upper stage successfully delivered Demonstration of Technology 1 (DoT-1) with 31 other small satellites and its primary payload, Meteor-M (meteorological satellite number 2.2), into a Sun-synchronous low Earth orbit.

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The first launch from Vostochny space center in 2019

July 2019

The launch of the Meteor-M, meteorological satellite number 2.2, with 32 small satellites by Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle with Fregat upper stage took place from Vostochny space center on 5th July.                                                                                                                 .

The live broadcast was available from the official website of TsENKI Corporation.

Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

Seradata Space Conference, London

June 2019

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Commercial Space Technologies participated in a Seradata Space Conference – Space Risks, Business and Insurance on 25th June 2019. Seradata hosted a one-day conference plus half-day training session in the City of London.

In addition to keynote speeches from industry leaders, the conference has presentation and discussion sessions covering subjects such as: new launch vehicles, new spacecraft technology, space environmental risks, as well as recent trends in space business and finance, space insurance and liability.

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150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

June 2019

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Commercial Space Technologies participated in a meeting from the cycle “UK Russia Science & Cocktails”, “Stardust. Space Chemistry” dedicated to the celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics.

The event was organized by the UK Research and Innovation Network in cooperation with the UK International Trade Department in Russia, with the support of the Moscow Cosmonautics Museum, the Science Museum (London), the Organizing Committee for the International Year of the Periodic Table, the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Oxford University Press.

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Lift off: UK’s first vertical-launch spaceport plans unveiled

June 2019

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North Uist residents are set to get a taste of the space race after plans were unveiled to create the UK’s first vertical-launch commercial spaceport on the Outer Hebridean island, creating up to 70 jobs.

The local government council is investing around £1m to purchase the land where the launch facility will be constructed.

From there, rockets will be launched vertically, offering low-cost, safe and efficient access to sun synchronous and polar orbits. [Read more]

Source: STV News

Why is Scotland a prime rocket launch site?

June 2019

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It has been almost a year since it was announced that Scotland could host the very first UK spaceport – and interest is far from waning.

By the end of the year, plans could be submitted to build a facility at the A’Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland.

But Scotland has a number of regions which look attractive to aerospace companies for development.

A consortium has revealed plans to build the UK’s first vertical launch site at Scolpaig, North Uist, following months of investigations.

Shetland has also been earmarked as a desirable location. [Read more] 

Source: BBC News

Western Isles in race to open UK’s first spaceport

June 2019

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The project led by the Western Isles local authority – Comhairle nan Eilean Siar – is separate to bids to build ports in Sutherland and in Shetland.

It has been proposed the Western Isles’ Spaceport 1 be located at Scolpaig on the north-west coast of North Uist.

The Comhairle said up to 70 jobs could be created at the site which would be used for small satellite launches.

Test launches could be carried out later this year. [Read more] 

Source: BBC News 


The Seventh International Scientific and Technical Conference VNIIEM “Actual problems of creating space systems for remote sensing of the Earth”

May 2019

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. took part in the Seventh International Scientific and Technical Conference “Actual problems of creating space systems for remote sensing of the Earth” on May 13, 2019. Venue: Congress Center JSC TGK Izmailovo Gamma Delta, Moscow. The conference was organized by VNIIEM Corporation JSC and Roskosmos State Corporation.

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Successful launch of Soyuz-2.1a from Vostochny

December 2018

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The Soyuz-2.1a successfully launched from cosmodrome Vostochny at the designated time and the separated Fregat Upper Stage injected two Russian Kanopus-V spacecraft and 26 small satellites into their target orbits.
CST would like to congratulate VNIIEM Corporation JC and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) for the successful separation of their joint manufactured Kanopus-V spacecraft, the primary payload onboard, for which CST supplied project management and in orbit commissioning services between the Russian and UK development teams.

XVII conference on Space

December 2018

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CST participated in the XVII conference on Space Biology and Aerospace Medicine with International Participation dedicated to the 100th Birthday of Academician O.G. Gazenko. 10-12 December 2018. Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia

CST Raise the Bar to 81 Spacecraft Successfully Launched

July 2017

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Another milestone for the space industry and a personal record for Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) as 73 spacecraft launch onboard a Soyuz 2.1A rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on July 14th at 06:36 GMT. Boasting a truly multinational payload manifest and the second largest number of spacecraft ever deployed from a single launch, Russia has demonstrated once again that it is able to compete on the international stage of rideshare launch solutions.

Through careful contract negotiations and managerial support, the CST team brokered the lion’s share of spacecraft manifested, constituting 48 nanosatellites for U.S customer Planet Labs Inc. This more than doubles CST’s previous total of 33 small-satellites launched over 22 years (although the majority of the previous spacecraft were in larger mass categories).

The launch was, of course, a team effort and CST thanks Innovative Solutions in Space (ISIS) for their hard work and professionalism on integration and deployment systems and for the dedication of teams from Glavkosmos and Lavotchkin.

CST would also like to congratulate its partners at ‘VNIIEM Corporation’ JC and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) for the successful separation of their joint manufactured Kanopus-V-IR spacecraft, the primary payload onboard, for which CST supplied project management and in orbit commissioning services between the Russian and UK development teams.

Space Industry Forum

March 2016

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CST participated in the International Business Space Industry Forum (ISF) and Exhibition. “InSpace” 3-4 March 2016, Moscow, Russia

Seradata Space Conference

June 2015

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CST participated in the Seradata Space Conference. London, UK. Mr Alan Perera Webb presented “The Launch Players: a capacity and technology view” report

Symposium on Small Satellites

April 2012

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CST participated in the 10th IAA (International Academy of Astronautics) Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation (April 20 – 24, 2015). Berlin, Germany. Mr Alan Gubiev presented “Current situation in Russian space industry and Russian launch market” report

The Memorandum of Understanding

July 2010

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UK has concluded a historic agreement with Russia.The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the UK Space Agency and the Russian Federal Space Bureau was concluded at the Farnborough Airshow on July 21st. Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has had a long and successful collaboration with a variety of Russian organisations spanning 20 years, working with the UK and Moscow offices of Commercial Space Technologies (CST Ltd.) as a representative and local partner. CST Moscow Office has been actively involved in the preparation of this MOU