6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum Held in Xiamen, Fujian

November 2019

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Commercial Space Technologies participated in the 6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. November 26, 2019.

Alexey Loktionov gave a presentation on ‘Future Prospects for the Small Satellite Market’.

On November 25th – 26th, the 6th Sino-Russian Engineering and Technology Forum co-sponsored by the China Science and Technology Association and the Russian Federation of Science and Engineering Associations was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

The theme of this forum was “Innovative Aerospace, Sharing the Future”. The organizers of the forum invited 14 academicians and experts from China, Russia and other countries to give lectures to more than 400 participants. [Read more]

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6th China-Russia Engineering Technology Forum. Xiamen, Fujian


July 2019

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DoT-1 became the 82nd satellite for which Commercial Space Technologies (CST) has successfully arranged and managed the launch. The DoT-1 microsatellite was designed by Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited (SSTL) to test new avionics components for future satellites.

On July 5th 2019 at 08:41 Moscow time (05:41 UTC) the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle with Fregat upper stage successfully delivered Demonstration of Technology 1 (DoT-1) with 31 other small satellites and its primary payload, Meteor-M (meteorological satellite number 2.2), into a Sun-synchronous low Earth orbit.

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The first launch from Vostochny space center in 2019

July 2019

The launch of the Meteor-M, meteorological satellite number 2.2, with 32 small satellites by Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle with Fregat upper stage took place from Vostochny space center on 5th July.                                                                                                                 .

The live broadcast was available from the official website of TsENKI Corporation.

Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS