Magdrive Kick-Stage Feasibility Study: Elevating UK Launch Competitiveness

August 2023

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Study Completion
Commercial Space Technologies (CST) is proud to announce the successful completion of the “Magdrive propelled Kick-Stage Enabling Competitiveness for UK Launch” market feasibility study for Magdrive. This project marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to support innovative companies such as Magdrive by leveraging our expertise in market analysis, utilization of data science, and harnessing our wide network in the space industry. Our collaboration with Magdrive enabled us to conduct a comprehensive study that includes data analysis, interviews with industry experts and stakeholders, and a thorough examination of the competition environment.

Empowering Launch Demands
Through our research, we identified a growing demand for kick-stages to enhance the capabilities of domestic and foreign launch providers and meet a wide range of present and future small satellite requirements and use cases. We also discovered that Magdrive’s unique propulsion technology allows it to target numerous sub-sectors of the small satellite launch market simultaneously while effectively competing with providers focused on specific sub-sectors.

Market Insights
Our study identified five orbits and/or capabilities that a kick-stage propelled by Magdrive thrusters could potentially enable for vehicles launching vertically from the UK. Despite the fact that these markets are still in their infancy due to a lack of launch possibilities, they exhibit promising indicators of potential growth. The report’s conclusions demonstrate that a Kick-Stage propelled by Magdrive thrusters offers considerable potential in the UK launch business and has the potential to increase the attractiveness of UK launches to both domestic and international customers. In addition, we identified potential European competitors and studied successful kick-stage operators. Overall, our report provides Magdrive with valuable insights to explore new use cases of the Magdrive thruster. Furthermore, we would like to express our gratitude to Magdrive for the opportunity to contribute to their project and for considering us the experts to bring elucidation to this emerging market.