Marketing and Trading

Space activity naturally demands regulatory know-how, as well as highly technical skills and contacts. Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.(CST), has been operating in this unique and demanding field since 1983. As a consequence of this long history, CST successfully trades in high technology products around the world, offering these marketing, trading and supplier reseach services to its customers. Market research into hi-tech products can be challenging because of language and cultural barriers, as well as a lack of transparency from smaller companies and suppliers. In undertaking research for customers, CST’s experienced team can save both time and money by clarifying current conditions, restrictions and receptiveness. In addition to supplier research and engagement, if you are considering expanding into international markets, CST can support in the following ways:

  • Performing a preliminary market assessment to identify potential demand, competition and regulatory hurdles for your products;
  • If this assessment yields positive findings, CST can engage with potential customers and support negotiations;
  • CST can finally help with long term representation, managing and ensuring the appropriate execution of any trade deal.

Launch Services

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) provides services for the brokerage, management, and organisation of international launches. Launcher brokerage and launch services are conducted in a straightforward way ‘across the board’, both for piggy-back and dedicated launches, achieving the best possible contractual terms and prices for our customers. On-the-spot management ensures that CST’s clients are always represented, and when combined with its handling of progress meetings and bureaucratic processes, this ultimately saves them a great deal of time and money. Contract services include CST’s interpretation and translation skills, as well as its understanding of international  negotiation styles and business practices, which is vital for support in all technical and programmatic meetings in the lead up to launch. Insurance and other financial services can also be arranged by CST because of its experience with consultancy work for the financial, legal, and insurance sectors in London.


Many common problems can be avoided by using the experienced CST team:  
  • The vital step of negotiating the launch services agreement is handled firmly and in an optimum way by CST since it has a friendly working relationship with launch providers;
  • Customs clearance and transportation of satellite and equipment to cosmodrome;
  • Payment stages: CST can negotiate a better payment spread, together with more easy transferal terms than usually asked and also arrange for work to begin when the money leaves the client’s bank;
  • Launch price negotiations: CST has often negotiated worthwhile reductions on the last ‘firm’ offer to the customer;
  • Logistics for launch preparation are taken care of;
  • Translation, interpretation and escort services are arranged by CST;
  • Compromises are needed at all stages of launch negotiations by both parties and, as ‘two-way cultural interpreters,’ we are able to see that both sides are best and optimally served.


Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. (CST) was founded as a consultancy in 1983 to advise a broad range of actors in the space industry, namely: government departments, private industry and the insurance and legal sectors. Consultancy is still one of CST’s core services and we have continued to expand our expertise. To date CST has produced over 700 reports, studies and support pieces within collaborations, covering a wide range of space-related topics: • Technical Reviews and Analysis Launchers and propulsion, spaceport infrastructure and operations, trajectory analysis, spacecraft, subsystems and components, and remote sensing analysis methods • Industrial research Detailed observations on players in industry sectors and their ability to do business • Supporting the Insurance Sector Market and Competition Analysis Risk analysis and loss adjustment • Market and Competition Analysis Spacecraft and launch vehicle components, launch vehicles, spaceports and on-ground infrastructure. Also for particular launchers from particular spaceports, accounting for drop-zones and other critical factors • Strategic Reviews Distilling and analysing national programmes, budgets, regulatory regimes and certification criteria • Conference Overviews Attending and reporting on international conferences to search for and enquire on previous CST consultancy report titles.



Why use our service:

CST’s conference coverage service uses native experts to overcome barriers typically encountered by its customers, such as: • International travel restrictions and challenges (visas, transport limitations, quarantine measures, etc.). • Expert understanding of the topic. • Navigating the local culture and language. • International travel costs.

Our Background:

CST has been covering conferences for its customers for over 30 years. Our in-country experts have backgrounds in science and engineering that allow them to identify, interpret and relay information relevant to our customers. All our experts are also fluent in English and can perform technical translations of conference material where necessary.

Pricing and ordering information:

Our quoted prices are all-inclusive and contain estimates on travel, accommodation, subsistence and registration fees. These prices may differ depending on the size and location of the conference. Upon completing an order form you will receive an itemised quote that can be adjusted to fit your conference coverage needs.