Commercial Space Technologies and NPC Spacemind are Combining Forces to Offer Turnkey Launch Services to Every LEO Inclination on the Global Clockface

September 2022

Commercial Space Technologies (CST) and New Production Concept (NPC) Spacemind announce their new partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on 4th August 2022. Combining CST’s 30 years of launch brokerage experience with the mass- and cost-efficient deployment technologies of NPC Spacemind, both companies plan to offer more complete and tailored launch solutions to their customers.

The framework of this agreement will guide upcoming launch activities for the partnership, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Alan Webb, Managing Director of CST, says: “We have been working hard to broaden our portfolio of launch solutions. CST has agreements in place with several international launch providers, allowing full global coverage for Small Satellites to all Low Earth Orbits – we can arrange equatorial launches from Brazil, low and mid-inclination orbits from Australia and India, and Polar and Sun-synchronous orbits from Norway and the North of Scotland. This partnership with NPC Spacemind will not only add deployers to the contracting, logistics and launch campaign management we already provide, but their light-weight design will also push the capabilities of the launch vehicles we procure – meaning we can offer more for less.”

Davide Rastelli, Technical manager of NPC Spacemind, says: “When we decided to develop our deployer we envisioned the possibility to offer to our potential customers a lightweight design able to accommodate different CubeSat configurations and this partnership for us works as a testament of our commitment to provide to launch service operators the means for deploying in orbit future missions. We are delighted to have signed up this MOU with CST and eager to see how far, combining our capabilities, we will push the envelope in the launch services domain.”